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Xuan Xuan

Xuan Xuan (pronounced "Swan Swan") was a fine A5 perfect bound manga anthology from Western Australia, edited by Kate Langford and Colin Sharpe, which partly grew out of the JAFWA fanzine.

The numbering ran in volumes and issues (three per volume), from Vol. 1 no. 1 (2002) to vol. 2 no. 2 (2004).

ISSN 1447-3879


Volume 1[]

Artists: Kate Langford and Colin Sharpe, CyberHell, Steven Choy and Benedict Chau, Blue Sky, Chris Hayward, Baku, Melanie Tregonning, Habeeba, MK13, Leon & Kevin, H-PoP, Tobin Kusuma, Hung Le Tai

Volume 2[]

Artists: H-PoP, CyberHell, Tobin Kusuma, Melanie Tregonning, Habeeba, Ian C. Thomas, Troy Kealley, Colin Sharpe and Kate Langford, Veronika Kahrmadji, TalNon, Michael Chung

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