The Panther was created by writer-artist Paul Wheelahan and was published by Sydney publisher, Young's Merchandising Company, between 1957-1963. The original series ran for 73 issues and was one of the last regularly published Australian comics to appear in the early 1960s.

The Panther was a jungle adventure hero, blending elements of popular fiction characters like Tarzan and comic strip heroes such as The Phantom.


Left orphaned in the jungles of the Belgian Congo after his parents were killed by Mayzak warriors, The Panther was raised to adolescence by his big-cat namesakes. As a teenager, The Panther was captured by hunters from the Lake Keeawa tribe, who taught him their language and the ways of men - not beasts. Deciding that his pale skin offered him poor camoflauge while hunting, The Panther made for himself a black, body-hugging costume made from panther skins.

When the elderly chief of the Lake Keeawa people died, the tribespeople elected The Panther to take his place. Over time, The Panther became the protector of the Belgian Congo wilderness and defended its people against intrusions by poachers, thieves and invading armies.

Second seriesEdit

A second series of The Panther was published by Kevin Patrick in 2001-2002 and reprinted the first five issues of the original series. The first four issues featured new covers by Greg Gates, while the final issue featured a new cover by Queensland artist, Shane Foley. While the first four issues were distributed via newsagencies in Australia and New Zealand by Gordon & Gotch, the fifth issue had a limited print run and was sold through specialty comic shops in Australasia.

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