Pulp Faction was one of the largest online communities based around Australian comics. The Pulp Faction forums went online in November 2004 and were originally intended for a much smaller audience. However, after the demise of the original OzComics forum, Pulp Faction became the place to be.

The site offered, in addition to forums, new comics listings, interviews and how-to and podcasts from its sister site Pulp Factory. Additionally, Pulp Faction hosted the Comikaze24 24-hour comics challenge (formerly the OzComics 24 Hour Challenge) from 2005 to 2013.

Pulp Faction was run by Maggie McFee, an American who lived in Australia for several years and enjoyed the camaraderie and support that she found in the community and wanted to give something back. She moved back to America, but continued to run Pulp Faction. Ive Sorocuk was in charge of the forums for several years.

In October 2013 Maggie announced that the Pulp Faction forums and website were being shut down and that the forums were being put in read-only mode.

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