The National Library of Australia is one of the nation's repository libraries. Along with the State libraries, the NLA collects and preserves Australian publications and ensures that they can continue to be accessed by the public.

The NLA is running projects focusing on comics, graphic novels and zines, particularly from self publishers or Australians who have been published overseas but not locally.

Legal Deposit scheme at the NLAEdit

The NLA runs a Legal Deposit scheme that is open to all Australian publishers, including authors and artists who self-publish comics, zines and graphic novels. Legal Deposit is one of the main tools used to stock the National and State libraries of Australia with what Australians have been busy writing and drawing about.

Creators must submit their work for free, but in return the NLA must preserve their work in perpetuity. The NLA creates a catalogue record and permanent URL for each work received.

"List of Dreams"Edit

The library is seeking copies of selected comics to complete its collections. You can view these comics at the list of comics wanted by the NLA.

Contacting the NLAEdit

You can submit your work by mailing it to:

Legal Deposit
National Library of Australia
Canberra ACT 2600

Include your name and address with your submission so that the NLA can send you a Legal Deposit receipt.

You can contact the Legal Deposit team by phone on 02 6262 1312 or via email at - just mention comics or zines in the subject line.

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