Luke Milton is an established writer and director in the independent West Australian Theatre Industry. He is also the creator of Bunnies That Hate (previously known as Saucy Voyeur) and the writer of the webcomic Glorious Bounty with artist Robert Forrest.

Milton's humour is frequently black, adult-orientated and 'bawdy'. Glorious Bounty deals with a number of reject Bounty Hunters that enjoy pornography, self-mutilation, murder and guilt-tripping comrades over racial slurs rather than fulfil the roles established for scifi bounty hunters in mainstream sci-fi such as Star Wars. Bunnies That Hate uses two cute anthromorphised rabbits in a partnership that frequently attempt to socially alienate or bastardise the other partner.

Equally, Milton's theatre work uses rude but incisive humour to make light of it's characters seemingly desperate situations. Milton's 2004 work Five Unenviable Lives included a character named Celeste Buck who drew a serialised strip named 'Ridiculous Bunnies In Love'. This included the recognised rabbit characters who star in 'Bunnies That Hate'. As the play progresses, an alienated and hate-ridden Buck transforms the adorable characters in police-hating, crack-addict, adulterous bastard rabbits in the form that they are recognisable today.

Luke Milton graduated from Curtin University's Theatre school with Honours. He also held the position of Theatre Director at Perth arts group ARTRAGE during which the Perth/FTI October 24 Hour Comic Day was first set up. He is also an avid collector of Star Wars memorabilia.

You can read Glorious Bounty at this link. You can read Luke Milton's blog at this link.

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