This is a list of comic and zine issues the National Library of Australia would be interested in hearing about. This page was previously published as the "List of Dreams" on the Hayase! Australian Comics Wiki.

If you know more about any of these titles such as the author or publisher, please contribute to this page to assist others to identify these titles.

Title Authors/artists Issues wanted
SPaNK 3 onwards
Heist 2 onwards
Oops, typo 3 onwards
Unworld, the world before the flood 2 onwards
Saw dust 2 onwards
Plan Dementure Wrestling Ghoul 1-3, 5 onwards
Nerds gone wild 1-3, 5 onwards
This heart pumps electricity 1-2, 4 onwards
Feels like Friday 1-2, 4 onwards
Sharp and Pointy Mir 2 onwards
Billy: Demon Slayer Hayden Fryer Series 1
Mutiny a paper of anarchistic ideas & actions Print copies of all issues

If you have any information about how to obtain copies of this material please contact the NLA.