Comics writer and artist Leigh Rigozzi grew up in rural Tasmania and now resides in Sydney.


Comics: His autobiographical comics take an observational approach, with titles including Flippin' Out, Trevally of the Shadow of Death, Tales of Hobartian Life and Zombie Video and Other Tales. Later zines such as 'Bad Habits', 'Fumetti', and 'Los Dibujos Perdidos' feature a less narrative-based approach, instead centering around sequences of related imagery.

Anthologies: Appearances in anthologies include Vacant Lot and Operation Funnybone.

Exhibitions: The Dark Woods (2003-4), Carnegie gallery, Hobart (then touring to regional galleries nationwide) Bad Habits (2005), Newspace gallery, Sydney Fumetti (2006), Newspace gallery, Sydney The Zine Factory (2007), Penrith regional gallery, Penrith Below Tree Level (2008), Mount Wellington, Hobart Conclusion (upcoming) Tin sheds gallery, Sydney

Other art (Music, animation, painting, interpretive dance, etc)


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