Komala Singh is an artist, writer and independent publisher based in Sydney.

She grew up reading a strange variety of comics, from translated Indian mythology to trashy romance stories for girls. She discovered Australian comics and zines in 1994, then manga and anime in 1996, and started publishing her own comics in 2000.

From 2000 to 2005 she self-published Moshi Moshi, a comic zine aimed at fans of Asian pop culture. She also helped Japanese artist Taiga Ota publish The Magick Servants and Robo Rumble while he was studying in Australia.

Over time Komala's work has moved towards romance comics for a female and queer audience, and in 2008 she started producing a new comic zine series, Noble Rot.

Komala runs the Hayase! collective's ongoing activities with various collaborators. She continues to publish an assortment of zines, comics and fancomics.

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