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Killeroo, as drawn by Emmanuel Hernaez

Killeroo is an Australian comic book character created by Darren Close in 1995. His first appearance was in the La Trobe University Bendigo magazine, The Third Degree, as a one-page strip written and illustrated by Close.

The character was not published again until the publication of Killeroo: Book One in 2002. It featured a cover by Ben Templesmith and art by Evan Jacobson, Jon Sommariva, Danny McGillick, Gary Chaloner, Jason Paulos and EJ Su, among others.

A mini-comic was released in 2004, Killeroo: Road Rage, written by Darren Close and featuring the artwork of Garth Jones.

A subsequent book, Killeroo: Book Two was released in 2005 and featured a cover and interior art by Jason Badower, as well as Andie Tong, Jason Paulos, David Yardin, Damien Shanahan and Aaron Shanahan among others.

The Killeroo books have also been used as props on several television shows produced by Channel 9, including Stingers and City Homicide.

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