John Dixon's Air Hawk Magazine was published by Australian comics fan and historian, Nat Karmichael, under the Comicoz imprint. It ran for six issues between 1988-1990 and reprinted selected installments from John Dixon's newspaper adventure strip, Air Hawk and the Flying Doctor, which appeared in Australian and international newspapers between 1959-1986.

The third issue, which appeared in 1988, was co-published with Cyclone Comics, and was released as Cyclone Comics Super Special No.3. The magazine reprinted complete stories from the strip, most dating from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s.

This was the third series of comic books to appear featuring the Air Hawk comic strip. Horwitz Publications released a shortlived series of Air Hawk comic books in the early 1960s, while another Sydney-based publisher, Page Publications, published a follow-up series in the mid-1960s, under their Star Comics imprint.

A selected Air Hawk adventure was also reprinted in the Australian comic book anthology, Reverie, published by Gary Dellar in the early-to-mid 1980s.

By the time John Dixon's Air Hawk Magazine debuted in 1988, John Dixon had retired from producing the strip two years previously and had relocated to the USA, where he was working as an art director for Defense & Foreign Affairs magazine. He later worked as a freelance artist, doing storyboards for various advertisers. He later tried his hand at comics again, working for the American Valiant publisher.

John Dixon has now retired, although still lives in California with his wife Sue. A 200 page anthology of his works (five complete adventures from the 1970s), with some biographical data was published by Comicoz in 2011. It was titled John Dixon, Air Hawk and the Flying Doctor and is available from the Comicoz website.

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