Cover to Hysteria #1

Hysteria was a black and white mini-comic made by Peter Jetnikoff in 1997. Issue 1, the only to be made, was a square-bound edition printed to 44 pages.

"You know , the translation of neuroses into physical diseases has always kinda hooked me. That whispering 'twixt brain and body is just so danged neat (tidy, I mean). Mostly, though, it's a damn fine analogy for story telling. See, I've already had a nervous rash so, these days, when something bugs me, I turn it into a comic." - Peter Jetnikoff

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Road
  • Oblomov Says
  • The Day of The Mermaids
  • Shelter
  • Sarcophage: A Rortssen Adventure
  • Curse
  • Drugs & Letters
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