Hayase! was an art community originally established by AnimeUNSW in 2000 to promote the work of its talented members. Members were encouraged to submit pin-ups, comics and articles to be displayed at university events and on the club's website.

Besides promoting submitted work through the Internet, self-published books such as the 2001 and 2002 calendars as well as the 2001 Winter Collection anthology were created to promote the work of club members all over Sydney and interstate.

In 2003, Hayase was split off from AnimeUNSW completely and restarted as a separate entity by Avie, Libbie and Pirotess, spawning a new IRC channel, website and monthly creative social sessions in Sydney.

Meetups[edit | edit source]

Monthly meetups are held in a cafe in western Sydney as a way of getting to know other creatives with an interest in pop culture, sharing ideas and staying inspired. The meetup dates are posted on the group's Facebook page.

Wiki[edit | edit source]

The Hayase! Australian Comics Wiki was set up in 2005 as a source of information for comic creators and readers alike. In November 2013 the wiki was shut down and its existing content was migrated to the wiki you're reading right now.

Collective[edit | edit source]

Many regular visitors to the Sydney meetup have collaborated on projects or attended conventions together. In early 2006 an exhibition titled The Sky is Falling was held of Hayase! members' works at the Mars Hill Cafe.

In 2007, a zine titled Hayazine! was compiled featuring illustrations, comics and writing by various Hayase! members.

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