George Hall wrote and drew for Reverie Comics between 1983 and 1987, creating two different strips, Sandy Star: Rebel Force and Bloodgard.  He was active in all seven issues of Reverie, swapping to scripting as of Reverie 5 and handing over the Bloodgard art reins to a talented 15-year-old artist, Mark Ryan.

He wrote a novel titled A Question of Theories in 2006 and self-published via , managing in 2011 to see it promoted to Apple iBooks  and Barnes and Noble.

In 2009 George found a unique new role in Twitter emergency use, being acknowledged in a couple of studies for his work during Black Saturday February 2009, Queensland Floods 2011 and Victoria floods 2011, among other situations. In 2013, he helped co-found the VOST Victoria digital volunteers group.  George still liases with the group every bushfire season.

He is currently in the process of updating the Bloodgard character to more modern times, renaming it Shomer.

Since 2017, George has contributed to the new iteration of Reverie, creating N.E.D. (Neural Energy Dynamo) and is writer of the Reverie Publications Torn comic.

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