Christopher Sequeira (also published as Chris G.C. Sequeira, Christopher G.C. Sequeira, C.G.C. Sequeira)is a Sydney-based Australian writer and artist who works predominantly in the speculative fiction realm, especially with the horror, science fiction and mystery genres. His published work includes poetry, prose (especially short fiction), film and tv scripts and comicbook scripts.

A keen Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, Sequeira is a longtime member of the Sherlockian Society "The Sydney Passengers", and has played both Holmes and Professor Moriarty in various dramatic re-enactments (including a filmed-for-Australian-national-TV segment wherein he portrayed Moriarty's plunge to his death in battle with Holmes at Reichenbach Falls - in this case Leura Falls outside Sydney served the purpose).

He has also self-published and published the works of others under the imprints of Opal Press Australia and Sequence Productions Pty Ltd.

Sequeira's association with cape-wearing pop-icons continued when his wedding ceremony was covered on national TV. This costume-party marriage featured Australia's first use of a celebrant in the persona of Elvis Presley (Sequeira himself was dressed as Count Dracula, wife Jacqui was the Countess Dracula, groomsmen were Batman villains Penguin, Two-Face and Riddler, and bridesmaids were styled as movie goddesses Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor). Sequeira and his future wife had persuaded Sydney civil wedding celebrant Russell Hansen to become Australia's first Elvis-styled celebrant, a role for which Hansen is now locally well-known.

Sequeira continues to write for various pop culture projects including the Boss Beat television project for brother Jonathan Sequeira, and for US-based comics publishers including Marvel Entertainment.

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Works Edited Terror Australis magazine (1987-92). Co-edited with Leigh Blackmore and Bryce J. Stevens. Groves, Peter. Fruit from the Primeval Groves. Sydney: Sequence Productions, 1997. Verse.

Fiction, Art, Verse, Non-Fiction Sequeira's short stories and art have appeared in Bloodsongs, Eddie, Phantastique and Terror Australis: Best Australian Horror. His verse and non-fiction has appeared in Shoggoth and Terror Australis, and Sequeira has also contributed many essays and articles on Holmesian matters to the journal of the Sydney Passengers Sherlock Holmes Society, Passengers' Log. One of these, "No Stranger to the Knife: Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper", has been praised by eminent Sherlock Holmes scholar Leslie S. Klinger as "a brilliant paper" in his Return of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes Reference Library)(Oxford University Press, 2003).

Radio Sequeira briefly hosted a radio show, The Darkness Before the Dawn on 2RRR-FM in Sydney.

Comics Written and Published Comic/graphic novel productions under the Opal Press and Sequence Productions imprint:

Pulse of Darkness Rattlebone: The Pulp-Faced Detective Bold Action Mister Blood Jonny Flathead: Psychotronic Werewolf Dig This! The Borderlander. Sequeira's scripts have also appeared in the DC Comics titles Justice League Adventures ("Cold War", Issue 12 & "Venomous Agenda", Issue 23), and 9/11: Artists Respond ("Tall Buildings").

As of the latter half of 2007 he has material in train-for-publication with Marvel Entertainment and other US-based publishers, and he has completed some material for an international animated television program.

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