Campbell Whyte is a young fine artist living in inner-city Perth with his wife and fellow artist Elizabeth Marruffo. As well as creating exhibitions to portray his unique colourful and surrealist portrayals of spaces in memory and time, he creates comics. His current ongoing project is The Home Time Bell, a tale of a group of typical Australian Year Seven (12 years old) students who find themselves transported into a strange land following school one Friday afternoon. Whyte is also responsible for Fabric Robots and 'Corazon' the pink marshmellow unicorn. Corazon also holds a number of titles that playfully blend the comic format with that of a Japanese platform videogame. Corazon is also frequently spotted at group exhibitions, such as Northbridge's 'dRAW' in late 2008.

In 2007 Marruffo and Whyte spent a year holding residencies in San Francisco and Oaxaca where they developed their illustrative styles. Before this they were heavily involved in the West Australian Subiaco gallery areas. Whyte still coordinates Free Range gallery in Perth, Australia.

You can read far more information about Whyte at his website.