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Blow The Cartridge is a weekly webcomic about retro gaming by Cameron Davis. It's about the games we wasted our youth on playing, how weird they were, and why they're still important to us today. 

Comic history[]

Blow The Cartridge - Pac-Man

Blow The Cartridge started as an offshoot of Davis' Funny Webcomic, and grew in popularity until it warranted its own site in 2011. It has updated every Wednesday since then and features over 200 strips.  

It has featured in Kotaku Australia, Game Informer magazine and occasionally Joystiq. 

Popular strips and themes[]

Blow The Cartridge - Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

The most popular strips concern themselves with the Nintendo Entertainment System although Davis would much rather be doing comics about the Commodore 64.

The archive also features many comics about the long-running Street Fighter series of games that the artist is absolutely terrible at but still continues to purchase year after year. 

The website also has a continually-running poll that invites readers to vote for what game should be parodied next, and readers can also email suggestions that will be replied to one day.

Print collections[]

Blow The Cartridge #3

While Blow The Cartridge is primarily a webcomic, new print collections are released every year. These are over 30 pages each and in full colour. 

In November 2013 Davis unveiled a Kickstarter campaign for Super Blow The Cartridge - a 120+ print (and digital) collection of all the Blow The Cartridge comics made so far with new material. In reached its target within five hours and hit double the target within a day. He has denied rumours he's buying a yacht.

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