Black Mermaid Productions™ (BMP), also known as Black Mermaid, is an Australian creative team made up of Jozef Szekeres (artist) and Julie Ditrich (writer), which specialises in comics and graphic novels.

The BMP (Classic) team, which included co-writer Bruce Love, began on the Australian produced independent comic Oblagon published by Kaleidoscope in 1992. BMP got its American break a year later with the original ElfQuest: WaveDancers series which the team created for Warp Graphics as a spin-off from the other ElfQuest titles. BMP also worked on the Dart miniseries for Erik Larsen and Image in 1996.

Bruce Love left at the end of 2003, and BMP (New Wave), comprising Julie and Jozef, is now concentrating on work-for-hire and several creator-owned projects.

In 2011 BMP contributed to the Tides of Hope flood relief comic anthology.

In September 2013, BMP launched its comics professional development arm, Comics Masterclass.

Creator-owned projectsEdit

Eternal Spheres™: Elf~Fin™ – Hyfus and Tilaweed  - an underwater love story

The Gathering of the House of Phorcys - a contemporary action-adventure story for adults, interwoven with Greek mythology

Mermist Seas™ - a Shakespearean-style epic mermaid graphic novel series

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