A Question of Promise

A Question of Promise is a comic created, written and drawn by Thuyen Nguyen. It follows the life and times of Eric, his girlfriend Eden, and his housemate and sentient pool-of-water Dice. It is currently published online for free via the comic's official website and available for purchase as a trade paperback or ebook.

Issues Edit

A Question of Promise (2002)Edit

Eric finally decides to ask classmate Eden out on a date. She says yes, but there’s a slight problem. He’s already made plans with his housemate (and sentient pool-of-water) Dice. Not wanting to let the opportunity pass him by, Eric comes up with a plan to have dinner with Eden and still keep his promise to Dice. Can Eric keep every one happy tonight?

A Question of Promise #1 Fifth Anniversary Edition (2007)Edit

A remake of the original issue.

A Question of Promise #2 (2007)Edit

Unfazed by their awkward first date, Eden invites Eric and Dice over to her house for dinner. Relieved that he has a second chance, Eric accepts and gladly brings Dice along (in a glass cup). Eric's learned from his mistakes and is ready to make this date a success... Will this night have a better ending?

A Question of Promise #3 (2007)Edit

Confused by his actions last night, Eric receives some unwanted but helpful advice from classmate Eve, who manages to score yet another free meal from him. When they finally meet again, Eric and Eden agree on one more dinner date. Meanwhile at home, Dice tries to find a way to relieve his boredom. Will the third time be a charm?

A Question of Promise #4 (2007)Edit

Eden prepares for her cousin's wedding, but a reoccurring headache isn't making things easy. Eric's pretty confident that he can help lighten her load, having received some special shopping tips from neighbours Alvin and McMahon. To the store they go, but the night ends prematurely... Will anything they do ever go to plan?

A Question of Promise #5 (2008)Edit

Eden's best friend Erin has finally scored her big break as a stand-up comedian. Eden, Eric and Dice go and check out her first ever live gig. The night isn't without drama though, and it seems that a spell of bad luck has fallen on both Eric and Eden... It's nothing to be worried about, or is it?

A Question of Promise #6 (2008)Edit

Eric's disappearance has Eden and Dice worried. Eden asks Alvin and McMahon for their help. They know where he is, but the truth is rather unbelievable, and something that only they can deal with. Eric, in an unfamiliar and helpless situation, takes time to remember days past. How did Eric and Dice first meet?

A Question of Promise #7 (2008)Edit

Eric returns safe and sound, but not before Eden enlists Erin to make a public appeal for information on national TV. In trouble in more ways than one, Eden agrees to Erin's demand to help smooth things over. At home, Eric's time away has placed a seed of doubt in his mind as to Dice's real intentions. Someone is hiding a secret... but who?

A Question of Promise #8 (2009)Edit

Eric finds himself trapped like a prisoner in his own home. Eden fears her relationship may come to an abrupt end. Dice confronts a ghost from the past. And Eve is the person at the centre of it all. How will this end?

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